5 Home Design Tips you should Use for your Next Project

man choosing flooring

There is nothing more exciting than designing your own home. While this can be a fun experience, lack of planning and knowledge can lead to a disaster. Keep in mind that even the simplest bathroom upgrades can be extremely costly without the right preparation.
To help you out, wadesinteriors.com shares some home designing tips you could use for your next project.

1. Find an inspiration

Home design themes and inspiration are easy to find these days. You can simply go to the Internet and search for reliable resources. Pinterest is also a good source of home design ideas. From there, you can narrow down your options or combine different themes. For example, a combination of traditional and modern style works well in the living room and the kitchen area.

2. Use decorative mirrors

One of the best home design tricks to make an area or room look more spacious is to add decorative mirrors. For larger areas such as the living room or the guest room, you can place the mirrors directly across the windows to reflect natural light. You may also use these decorative mirrors to fill an empty wall space.

3. Create the illusion of space

For areas with limited space, you can try placing planks parallel to the longest wall of the room. This simple hack can make the area look more spacious. Upgrading the flooring may also create a more expansive feel. Adding parquet diagonal to the walls can do this trick for you.

4. Use vertical space

This is ideal for the kitchen area. Instead of traditional large and bulky cabinets or storage boxes, you can use the empty walls by installing hanging shelves and cupboards. This will free up some floor space and make the kitchen area more functional.

5. Add the right pieces of furniture

Many interior designers today recommend using trays, decorative bowls, and baskets to declutter or make things look more organized. Add some accessories that can match your furniture. For example, a glitzy gold tray is ideal for corner tables. On top of the tray, you may place some decorative glasses with colored stones. If you’re aiming for a more rustic look and feel, adding woven baskets is your best choice.

While some DIY home designing may work, it’s always better to let the experts handle the job for you. Find a reputable interior designer and contractor to help with your project.