Design Options for Commercial Greenhouse Construction

conservatory greenhouse craftsmen

Farming is currently one of the most lucrative sectors to invest in. One of the drawbacks of this sector, however, is its reliance on climatic conditions. As a solution to this, a greenhouse is the best option to grow crops all-year-round regardless of the weather conditions.

The greenhouse will also let you grow crops that would otherwise not do well in your current climatic zone. Depending on your space and budget, there are various greenhouse designs available from commercial greenhouse manufacturers. Here are some of them.

Post and Rafter

This is one of the strongest conventional greenhouse designs. It consists of a firmly footed frame and a roof supported by rafters. It is the ideal option for places with harsh weather conditions and large open fields.

Though a post and rafter greenhouse requires substantial cost and material input, it offers maximum space utilization and air circulation.

The Hoop House

This greenhouse is built using PVC or aluminum pipes with layers of plastic covering. It resembles a hoop and is very effective in rolling rainwater and snow off its top. It is relatively inexpensive compared with other designs and takes up minimal space.

The hoop house design can hence be an ideal option to kick off your commercial greenhouse farming. The design is, however, not very strong.

The A-Frame

This triangular design is the popular option for most farmers. It uses less material and time to construct than a post and rafter design.

You could opt for glass or plastic for its cover, but glass is the standard choice. The A-frame greenhouse, unfortunately, has narrow side walls, making it space-inefficient.

If you are looking for automation in your greenhouse processes, modern technology has already made this possible. You could opt to computerize various systems in your greenhouse regardless of its design.

With a computerized A-frame, post and rafter, or hoop house design, you are sure to have bountiful harvests all year round.