3 Reasons to Rent Fully Furnished Apartments as Company Housing

Apartment complex being builtIf you are in charge of the corporate housing needs of your company, you have two options to consider. For transient employees, you can opt for standard hotel accommodations. While those employees who need shelter for a longer period apartment rentals. The ideal providers of these types of apartments offer fully furnished units that are complete with amenities. The charges already include all utilities (gas, electricity, water) and internet connection.

Why Rent?

The following are three reasons why furnished apartment rentals are thriving in Richmond VA:

1. There are no move-in or move-out costs.

Since these are already fully-furnished units, all the occupants have to bring are clothes and food. They don’t have to worry about bringing in any appliances or furniture. And when vacating, they only have to pack up and leave.

2. Fixed costs include utilities and the internet, as well as repair and/or replacement of appliances or furniture.

Having a fully furnished apartment removes variable costs and helps prevent excesses in the operating budget. If the appliances or furniture stops functioning properly, the building administrators will take care of them.

3. The rent can be part of the employee’s compensation package.

This means that any increase or bonuses he will get in the future are reliant on the monetary portion of his compensation. Housing benefits will only increase if the service provider does the same in terms of rates. You can accomplish this with a long-term lease. To the benefit of the employee, the non-monetary portion of his compensation is not subject to income tax.

4. Renting fully furnished apartments may be the best accommodation choice for your company and employees.

This works great for staff who have a stable workplace location or those with permanent arrangement.