A Bit of Japan in Washington: A Beginner’s Guide to Planting Cherry Trees

A beautifully landscaped garden with various trees and plants

Many people know Japan for its exotic cuisine and quirky anime shows, but these are not all that the country has to offer. It is also the land of beautiful and transient cherry blossoms that bloom during spring.

Fortunately, you no longer have to travel thousands of miles just to catch a glimpse of the latter. Gardeners, nature lovers, and flower enthusiasts can enjoy having flowering cherry trees in their Washington backyard.

Whether you are new to gardening in general or to planting cherry trees in particular, these are the things you ought to know about flowering cherry trees.

Diversity is Strength

People often imagine cherry blossoms as soft pink flowers that bloom by the hundreds on a relatively short tree, but there are more types of flowering cherry trees than one would imagine. For instance, the Yoshino cherry tree features five-petaled pale pink blossoms, while the Kwanzan cherry tree features lively pink blossoms with around 30 petals each.

Because of the diversity of cherry trees, you can pick which one best matches the aesthetics of your backyard. You may opt for single flowers, double flowers, semi-double flowers, or chrysanthemum flowers. Moreover, you may choose among cherry trees that have white, pink, or even yellow blossoms.

Timing Is Everything

Kent East Hill Nursery notes that the availability of ornamental trees such as flowering cherry trees varies on the time of the year—and for a good reason. No matter how well you tend to the tree or how ideal the temperature is, it really only does bloom during spring. There’s no use getting impatient or stressing out about the flowers not blooming otherwise.

On a related note, the best time to plant cherry trees is early fall, with adequate sun exposure and in moist yet well-drained soil. Following this enables your tree to grow properly and its blossoms to thrive as they should.

Regularly tend to the cherry tree (or trees) you planted in your backyard to enjoy a spring season that feels like how it would during the cherry blossom season in the Land of the Rising Sun.