Personal Treats: Is It Worth iI to Splurge on Your Mattress?

Sleep ProperlyThe quality of sleep you get heavily affects how you function upon waking. That said, it can make sense to spend extra for something that makes your sleeping hours more comfortable.

Preferences and Circumstances

The factors that determine whether a mattress is good for you is different for every person, The Mattress Department explains. You may find soft mattresses comfortable because it evenly distributes the pressure around your body. But, this may mean backaches for someone else. It can get more complicated if your spouse has different preferences. What if he likes it firm while you don’t? In such cases, you could opt to compromise and find a mattress that you both like, or splurge for individual comfort. There are beds that have pressure adjustments on either side, providing maximum comfort for you and your spouse. If your preferences are too extreme, such beds and mattresses can be a worthwhile investment.

Try Before You Buy

Take the time to look at all the mattresses available at the store. Ask if you can borrow a pillow and try lying down for a few minutes on the mattresses you’re interested in. This will give you a better idea how comfortable it is for you. You can even inquire if they offer two- to three-month home trials. You probably won’t take that long to decide whether or not the mattress is for you. But, it may take a few days to find that the mattress you really liked in-store isn’t as good for you. Should that happen, a home trial will allow you to request a replacement or a refund for your purchase.

Getting a Good Price

When you buy your mattress depends on the urgency of your need. Know what you need and wait for the store to go on sale. You can ask the store personnel to call or e-mail you their sale dates. If you live in Utah, you can also check out available deals within the state. It may seem like a lot of effort but to get a good rest, it can be worth it in the end.