Solar Powering Your Business: Should You Make the Switch?

Solar power is no longer an unreachable and expensive investment; in fact, it’s become a norm for many states in the U.S. Households all over the country are switching to cleaner energy in the form of sunlight to power their homes and businesses. People are becoming more sensitive to the needs of the environment, after all, and solar power is arguably the cleanest form of energy out there.

As a business owner, it’s tempting to make the switch to solar. After all, the perks of installing a photovoltaic system to your shop are more than just saving the environment. It will take a bit of convincing for you to make the switch, so have a look at what solar energy can do for your business.

The Benefits of Switching to Solar

Perhaps the most tempting benefit of switching to solar power is the tax credits that your business will receive. As a business owner, you can deduct up to 85% of the value of your photovoltaic system from the tax credits. You also get a federal tax credit if your business is eligible, and that’s a huge cut in the costs of your new solar rig. Several utility companies offer rebates that cut your upfront cost.

Additionally, you’ll also be creating a consistent energy bill for your business. It’s no secret that electric rates increase annually, and that’s going to be expensive for your business in the long run. By switching to solar, you’ll never have to worry about increasing electrical prices, and you even have the option to “sell” any excess energy your photovoltaic system creates. You’re saving money and earning a bit on the side.

Your new solar rig is also easier to maintain and, as Smart Solar mentions, it helps you save tens of thousands of dollars. It only requires minimal cleaning and slight adjustment; once it’s installed, it’s going to work for you immediately. The solar quote in Salt Lake City you checked might seem like a steep price for clean energy, but it’s a worthwhile investment that will pay off in the long run.

Green and Clean

If the prospect of reducing your carbon footprint and saving tons of money isn’t enough to convince you, know that installing a solar panel system on your business increases its property value. It’s unlikely that you’ll sell off your business, but when you do, you can sell your old property faster and at a higher price. They’re an attractive addition, especially now that people are becoming more environmentally conscious. You’ll also be getting that rather coveted and lauded title of “green business.”

Switching to solar means you’re not just another business that’s in it for the profits; you’re also environmentally responsible. An eco-friendly company has a better image and will earn more support from the people.