The Deal with Ice Dam Damage

Winter and ice can cause various structural problems in your house. Ice damage is one of costliest results of winter that you need to manage if you want to keep your home.

Winter is more than a season. It comes with a handful of challenges that could cost you your home. You need to be aware how you can protect your home against the season’s hard hitters, such as snow and ice dams.

Ice Dams and Roof Damage

Ice dams are thick ice buildups that form during winter storms and heavy snowfalls. If you leave them on the eaves of your roof, they can damage your roof and the rest of your house. Water from these ice dams could seep through the ceilings and cause mold and mildew buildup, peeling surface paint, and warped flooring among others.

The trouble with ice dams starts with its formation on your roof. When the weather starts to go warmer, the ice starts to melt and cause water damage.

The Best Fixes: Prevention and Management

The best way to deal with these issues is proper ice dam removal, prevention, and professional maintenance.

Unexpected weather changes should prompt you to prepare for the worst. The most popular preventive measure is installing a new roof that has a water-repellent membrane and an efficient installation.

The roof shingle must also be structured with a standing seam and a wide drip edge made of metal. If this is too costly, then you could hire professional ice dam removal services to clear out the downspouts, gutters, shingles, and the entire roof surface.

You should prevent ice buildup on your roofs by shoveling the ice, clearing the gutters, and making sure the water flows freely. If you think that you need professional help, contact ice dam management professionals to do the job for you.