Three Ways to Care for Garden Antique Furniture

Vintage furnishings are timeless. They are great additions to your home, especially for outdoor living spaces. Many people wonder, however, if the care and maintenance for these antiques are worth their price.

Contrary to popular belief, old-world pieces like antique Gustavian furniture are fairly easy to care for. Authentic Provence sees the beauty in distressed furniture and their effect on the appearance of a home’s exteriors. Here are some tips on how to make outdoor vintage pieces last a long time:

1. Use beeswax.

If you have antique furniture, avoid using any type of cleaning product that leaves an oily residue. If you want to wax your antiques, you can use high-quality natural beeswax. It’s the best protection you can give to the piece’s natural finish. Beeswax has the ability to bring out the furniture’s natural grain and color, reviving its wooden finish.

2, Don’t use anything abrasive that could scratch the antique’s surface.

Some cleaning products in the market today can be abrasive. If you want to polish your antiques, make sure you use a lint-free and soft cloth. It is highly advisable to apply the natural wax at night and leave it overnight. In the morning, you can polish the antique for that added shine.

It is also important to wax your antiques every few months only. If you do it regularly, the wax can absorb the dust and cause your antiques to look dull.

3. Third, remove dust with the right tools.

For daily maintenance, it’s important to keep dust away as much as possible. Don’t use feather dusters – they can easily scratch the surface. Just use a smooth cloth to remove any dust you see on the surface.

It’s highly important to dust the entire surface. Otherwise, you’ll end up moving the dust around for the wax to absorb.

Whether you bought your antique furniture or they were given as handed down to you, consider these care and maintenance tips so you can make them last a long time. They add elegance to any room, especially in outdoor living spaces.