Tips on 2 Storey Home Designs for Small Blocks For the Unacquainted

Home Design and Floor PlanOne of the challenges with designing a floor plan is the lot area. If you have a large one, this might not pose much of a problem; however, if you have to work on a small one, you not only have to be creative, you also have to keep in mind what is practical and what is not.

Consider Your Needs and Your Reasons

Now, this does not just refer to your currents wants and needs. You also have to consider where you see yourself and your family in a year, in five years, and maybe even in 10 years. Keep in mind that two-storey homes designs for small or narrow blocks typically leave very little for expansion in the coming years, states Brisbane's Planbuild Homes. In the same vein, however, be wary of general house plans as well. This means you need to settle early on what kind of architectural style you want to have, among other things. This would keep you from having a hodgepodge of everything later on.

Consider the Floor Layout

Very few people look at the shape of the layout before coming up with a design. This should not be the case as the shape can have an impact on how your design should be. For example, although some people would think that a small block should mean doing away with the garden, this is not always the case. Some home designs can actually allow for a small garden.

Sometimes it can be quite hard to explain what kind of look you would want for your home. That being the case, you can start coming up with designs by creating a mood board and putting in it everything you want your home design to have — from the color of the walls to how you want your bathroom arranged. Consider gathering sample materials just so you can clearly explain what kind you want your contractors to use.