Upcoming Corporate Interior Design Trends for 2017

Corporate Interior DesignOffices are constantly changing — modern companies are starting to veer away from standard desk-and-cubicle configurations in favour of more attractive, creative workspaces. 2017 will be a year of new trends which will be especially popular among young, Millennial companies that are trying to make their workspaces more conducive for artistic expression and development.

Some companies, such as Whiteley’s Office Furniture, are already releasing their latest designer furniture and most up-to-date office partitions. Since companies now expect more from their office interiors, furniture and interior design companies are coming up with more beautiful, ergonomic designs to meet demand.

Here are some of the corporate interior design trends you can expect to see in 2017:

Outdoorsy Interiors

Offices have a reputation for being cold, sterile environments in austere buildings, located in the middle of grey cities. To add a bit of colour and to make the workspace more inviting, companies are going for outdoorsy-looking interiors. They add splashes of green paint and use indoor plants to create a veritable oasis inside their offices. This trend actually began in 2016 when some corporate spaces added ‘living walls’ to their interiors, using plant life to cover an entire wall. The trend is likely to continue well into the year 2017.

Open Floor Plans

Private office spaces are outdated. Instead, offices are foregoing cubicles in favour of open floor plans. This gives workers a chance to collaborate with each other more closely than before. Many businesses only reserve private offices for executive positions, using beautiful new dividers that are less oppressive than cubicles. Some even use community tables — long boardroom tables that serve as employees’ permanent shared workspace.

Dedicated Lounge Areas

In the past, lounge areas were usually reserved for clients who were waiting for an appointment. These days, increasing numbers of companies are adding dedicated lounge areas for their employees, where they can take a break and rest. Though lounges used to be associated with less productivity, well-rested employees are more productive if they have a separate lounge area away from their desks.

Office spaces are likely to keep evolving, and 2017 is sure to bring new ideas to corporate interior designers. People are constantly looking for better ways to make the workplace more productive.