Different Types of Pools for Your Home

Young man swimming the front crawl in a pool

Swimming is a sport and a form of recreation. Having your own pool means you can take a dip anytime you want. If you think it’s time to build your own pool, learn the various types, which will depend on its purpose and construction.

Here are some of them:

Family or recreational pool

This pool is basically for the family who wants to have some fun or recreation. It has elaborate slides for kids and adults to enjoy. For an extreme experience, you can construct caves, tunnels, or even borders. You can hire pavers service here in Salt Lake City and asks for suggestions for your family pool.

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Above-ground pool

This is the easiest and cheapest to build. It is not permanent, though. If you want to get rid of it or transfer to a new place, it is easy to disassemble. The downside is, the pool is not that durable.

Indoor pool

As the name implies, it is a pool inside with a roof and insulated walls. They build them for training or swimming in cold climates. Since the walls are already insulated, heating costs less than that of outdoor pools.

Architectural pool

An architect usually designs this; this pool is stylish and contains defined lines. Often, the materials used are the same as those of the house for a more sophisticated look.

Infinity pool

This pool is built to give an illusion of infinity or an impression of vanishing or disappearing edge. The pool is a bit expensive as compared to the other types of pool.

Vinyl-lined in-ground pool

It is similar to above-ground pool in structure, but the design is more traditional. Although it costs less than other in-ground models, it is less durable. Therefore, you have to replace its liner every ten years.

Gunite pool

This is the most popular design in the US. The materials used to construct it are of high quality, which makes it highly durable. Moreover, you can build this in whatever shape or size you want.

Having a pool is certainly fun. To get the most out of it, make sure to build the type that best suits your family’s needs.