How to Find the Perfect Electric Fireplace for Your Home

a man installing an electric fireplace

An electric fireplace is a great addition to your contemporary-style home. It gives your abode a modern touch and a traditional vibe that will make it look and feel warmer and more homely.

If you’re planning to install an electric fireplace in your family room or bedroom, it is important to make the right choices. A fireplace is a key design feature and a useful fixture, so you have to find the perfect one. To help you find a great fireplace for your home, here are some tips for you shared by experts at Uintah Fireplace and Design.

Know where to put it

Where your new fireplace goes is an important thing to consider. If it’s for your living room, choose one that can make a statement while matching your interior design. Make sure that the amount of heat it produces is enough for the total number of people using the room. If it’s for your bedroom, a humbler electric fireplace will do. You may incorporate it with your TV set opposite your bed.

Choose the ideal size

Electric fireplaces in Utah come in different sizes. Most of them can be customized based on your desired dimensions. When shopping around for ready-made units, though, keep in mind the size of the room you wish to install it in. Obviously, larger rooms require more heating, so go for a bigger fireplace. It is also a matter of proportions, so it pays to know your room size before you go to a dealer.

Find out the different types

There are a wide variety of styles and types to choose from. Based on installation type, you can find fireplaces that are wall-mounted, built-in, and freestanding. When it comes to style, you can choose from ones with mantels and frames of different materials such as wood, brick, stone, glass, and metal.

Learn about the features

Electric fireplaces come with different features, depending on the unit and brand. Some of the most common features include a remote control, touch screen panels, a sleep timer, and back lights. More advanced units even have Bluetooth audio speakers.

Go and get a fireplace that can transform your home into a cozy place your family and guests can enjoy. Look for a reliable electric fireplace dealer so that you can get started.