Iberian Aesthetics: Giving Your Interiors a Spanish Flair

luxurious living room

When it comes to European home aesthetics, the first things that come to mind are the Scandinavian, Tuscan, and even French. But if you want to give your home some sunny flair and glow, you ought to borrow some elements from Spanish aesthetics.

Using Spanish aesthetics for your home may mean making your home look like it is perpetually sunny or summery—without even making it look hot and humid. It is a cool and refreshing way to incorporate some European elements into your home. Here are some of the useful tips that you can use to make your home interiors more beautiful.

Use more wood

Spanish interiors are characterized by a lot of solid and earth-based materials, such as terracotta, clay, and plaster. Other than these, you can add a lot of wood implements. An ornate mahogany table in the living room can be your center of attraction. The solid wood cabinets you have bought from Accent Interiors in Utah can be used in your kitchen.

Use the right colors

Colors are of utmost importance when designing your home the Spanish way. The usual shades include reds and yellows. You can even use neutrals to tone them down, such as creams, whites, and grays. These colors are sometimes used to highlight Goya-esque or Picasso-esque paintings.

Design the patio

Spanish people love the sun, so a patio is a regular fixture in every Spanish home. If you don’t have this space at your home, maybe it is time to have one in your backyard. Make it look cool by using rattan and wicker furniture. You may even add some water features, such as a pool, a fountain, and even a pond.

Incorporating Spanish aesthetics into your home can make your space much warmer and more inviting. Seek inspiration from magazines and online pin boards.