Maximize Attics to Regulate Temperature, Save Energy, and Increase Home Value

Attic with on-going installation of insulation

Attics serve as a buffer between the roof and the rest of the house and are the first line of defense against the heat and cold. Home builders leave them untouched for the most part and leave it up to homeowners to make the most of its space. Here are three of the best ways to do this.

Ventilate and Insulate

Regardless of its purpose, an attic needs to have proper ventilation and insulation. The air in this vacant space turns as warm or cold as the climate outside. Without proper ventilation, warm air will circulate in the attic space and increase the indoor temperature of the entire house. In winter, when the outdoor air drops beyond zero, the air in the attic can quickly turn chilly — and lower the indoor temperature, accordingly — if there’s no proper insulation.

Ventilation and insulation systems provide homeowners with a comfortable indoor temperature. More importantly, they help save on energy consumption and electricity bills. The EPA reveals that homes with insulated attics can gain homeowners 15 percent in heating and cooling costs. A similar observation was recorded by A+ Insulation, a home and business insulating contractor in Kansas City whose customers noted a 30 percent reduction in their energy bills.

Customize Attic Storage

Homeowners use attics as a storage space more often than not. Problems arise when they stock it full of packing boxes. Attics need good airflow, even the ones with insulation and ventilation. Storage containers piled high at the center or tucked into every corner of the room will prevent air circulation and render the vents useless.

It’s better to design a smart storage system. Home interior designers should be able to design cabinets and shelves that won’t block the vents.

Convert into a Bedroom or Leisure Room

A spacious attic with a ceiling high enough for the average person to stand straight in it has the makings of a bedroom, playroom, or another type of recreation room. Converting an attic into any of these is the best way to maximize the space. It gives a house an extra room at a lesser cost. It also increases the property’s resell value.

Converted, ventilated, and insulated attics and customized storage are home improvement projects maximize a house’s livable floor area and produce high returns on investment.