Remodeling Your Kitchen? Make it Functional for Everyone

Kitchen Interior Design

Whether your kitchen feels cramped or outdated, remodeling it can give the space a new look and feel. It can also make cooking and meal preparations more exciting, allowing you to create a kitchen that children, parents, and everyone in the family can enjoy. This means combining aesthetics with functionality, which involves adding features that can improve how the space functions.

Kitchen remodeling experts in Fort Wayne, IN share a few design recommendations that can make the space functional and suitable for everyone:

  • Choose low-maintenance (materials for) countertops. Granite and laminate materials are not just durable; they are also easy to clean. You can also consider granite sealing to make the surface more stain resistant. This only means that you can easily wipe any spills in the sink, saving you more time and effort. This then makes the kitchen easy to use for everyone.
  • Rethink your counter height. The standard height for countertops is 34” to 36” off the floor, but you don’t have to strictly abide by this measurement. Experts recommend making your preparation surface three to inches below the height of your elbow. This is to avoid forcing the elbow up, which can lead to back and shoulder pain.
  • Consider hands-free cabinetry. Hands-free cabinets that can be opened by a touch of an elbow, hip, or toe allow you to comfortably access storage without being too dependent on your hands. Hinging mechanisms on the cabinet can make this possible, as well as electronic system that will allow you to raise or lower the cabinet door with a touch of a button. This is not that cheap, so you don’t have to use this on all your cabinets.
  • Make supplies more accessible. If you always find yourself heading back to the pantry while making a meal, why not consider pull-out cabinets to store your supplies? A spice drawer under the cooktop, for instance, can keep your spices right where you need them. You can also consider extendable shelves to make supplies and other items more accessible.

Successful kitchen remodeling requires careful planning and consideration. It is also advisable to hire contractors or remodeling experts, especially if the project involves expanding the kitchen space. Contractors can also give you additional tips on making your kitchen aesthetically pleasing and functional for everyone.